Melchers Techexport GmbH has developed a portfolio of European principals manufacturing first-class technical solutions for the precast industry. 


In selected markets, Melchers Techexport GmbH cooperates exclusively with Austrian manufacturer Schlüsselbauer Technology.


This company produces systems for the strategic supply of drinking water, as well as collectors for waste and storm water.


With Schlüsselbauer's pipe manufacturing technologies, a large variety of concrete pipes for different applications can be produced economically – water mains, storm drains, sewerage pipes, open-trench installations, pipe jacking/micro tunnelling.

Production of two dimensional and structural precast concrete elements

Weckenmann is a global leader in the planning and construction of precast concrete plants.


The company's products include the setting up of turnkey plants, pallet circulation systems, concrete conveyors and distributors, tilting tables, battery moulds and shuttering systems.


For customers entering precast for the first time, Weckenmann offers a range of valuable support services including factory planning and design, factory management support, feasibility studies, financing solutions and more.


In South-East Asia, Melchers Techexport GmbH is the exclusive agent of Weckenmann.