Shared Values - Shared Success

While operating as a global player, we also maintain the tradition of the "honourable merchant". We have had a presence on the international markets for more than two centuries, offering cooperation and collaboration based on mutual trust. Our excellent reputation is the consequence of common values which we seek to apply to our everyday business activities.

Our relationship with customers and producers

MELCHERS is: Spirit of Partnership

Trustful, honest and open collaboration is the hallmark of our relations with customers and manufacturers. We know that they expect reliability from us and we act accordingly.


MELCHERS is: Innovation

We supply innovative solutions and services for the benefit of our business partners in increasingly changing markets by providing new ideas.


MELCHERS is: Initiative

Our activities are centred on satisfying and providing benefits for our business partners. To achieve this, we approach them actively and offer them solutions which will meet their requirements.


MELCHERS is: Qualification

We advise our business partners competently and expertly using the latest techniques and communications technologies. Clients can take our openness and transparency for granted.

Our strategy

MELCHERS is: Presence

We define ourselves as an international service company and assist our customers worldwide at selected locations through branches, representative offices and subsidiaries. All units – both domestic and outside Germany – experience the same level of respect. Acquisitions, partnerships and the consistent use of alternative distribution channels will enable us to continue extending our footprint, particularly in Asia.


MELCHERS is: Profit-oriented

We seek long-term profit optimisation, based on a sensible balance of opportunities and risks. This is an important precondition for strengthening our capital basis and for safeguarding our existence, using future opportunities for growth and opening up new, profitable business segments.


MELCHERS is: Competence

We are a diversified company which is not tied to specific product groups or trading sectors. Our uncompromising focus on the requirements of our target markets strengthens our competence, allowing us to offer our customers constantly new, tailor-made products and services from a single source. With our innovative solutions, we are able to meet the continuous challenges of competitive markets in all business segments.


MELCHERS is: Independence We are a company whose shares are not traded. Maintaining our corporate independence is a crucial factor for all our business transactions.

Our Team


Justice, fairness and respect for valid social interests are the hallmarks of the company's relations with its staff. Partnership-based activities form the basis for a healthy team spirit, characterised by frank and open communication. We respect and encourage diversity of opinions as a means of ensuring a fruitful dialogue.


MELCHERS is: Entrepreneurial

We encourage qualified and successful executives to take a capital stake in the companies for which they are responsible. This fosters an entrepreneurial approach and entrepreneurial action in the individual companies - for the ultimate benefit of the entire Group.


MELCHERS is: Target-oriented

Clearly defined targets are the most important management instrument in our company. They create clear areas of responsibility and the necessary scope for individual personal development. The involves the assignment of tasks and duties, together with the delegation of competencies and personal responsibilities. We demand results and reward these on an earnings- and performance-basis.


MELCHERS is: Constructive

Self-confidence, consistency and critical loyalty are the cornerstones of the Group. When an error occurs, we do not start looking for the person who caused it: instead we seek solutions and attempt to minimise the impact of that error. We also learn from our mistakes.