Asian agriculture has become increasingly commercialized and diversified in recent years, and is no longer so pre-occupied with cereal (including rice) production. Over many years we have supplied premium European and North American agricultural engineering technologies, leading to more modern and economical farming methods in this region. Advice, training and technical service is an integral part of our daily work with both equipment suppliers and customers. We supply equipment for a wide range of agricultural processes, from planting, cultivation, harvesting and fertilization, to animal feeding systems. 


For WEDA in Asia, we deliver a complete range of technologies for modern pig farming, installed and implemented as turnkey projects in a number of countries. WEDA’s proven solutions are practical, place a high value on animal welfare and are in strict compliance with relevant environmental directives. 


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  • Fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, chemical sprayers, soil preparation implements
  • Forage technology
  • Sugar cane equipment