Food Technologies

Asia is home to many cultures and cuisines - a true festival of flavours and scents, where countless spices have their origin. Asia’s regional food industries are a complex universe where Melchers Techexport has built a solid reputation as knowledgeable supplier of high-end machinery, spare parts and raw materials, for food packaging, food processing and food quality testing.


Premium seam quality made in Switzerland by Ferrum, canning technology specialists. We supply high-end can seaming machinery for aluminium and steel cans, for milk powder, meat and fish and other food products in selective Asian markets.


Soudronic is a globally active market leader in the manufacture of welding and production equipment for metal packaging. Headquartered in Switzerland, Soudronic specialises in the manufacturing of can body and drum welders, bodyformers and endmaking systems. For more than three decades we have been providing Asian customers with can-making lines, used for the packaging of foods as diverse as sweetened condensed milk, milk powder, meat and fish.

Related products in our packaging portfolio:
  • Filling machinery for powder products, meat and fish, sauces with or without particles
  • Labelling machinery for paper and adhesive labels, 360° wraparound
  • Dairy packaging machinery
  • Meat packaging machinery

GEA Process Engineering A/S is a world leader in instant coffee technology. With experience and know-how, GEA is setting benchmarks to ensure you get most out of your coffee, and stay ahead in this dynamic industry.
Roasted instant coffee production plants for the production of agglomerated, freeze-dried and spray-dried coffees - with GEA you choose more than just a coffee production plant.


Probat, a name that means passion for coffee and fascination for technology, the perfect combination to become a world market leader for coffee roasting and grinding machinery. Our customers love their investments, be it roasters for industrial plants and coffee shops, or grinders for superfine/micro powders. Probat - a name, a promise.

Related products in our processing portfolio:
  • Fruits/dairy processing machinery
  • Meat processing machinery
  • Seed cleaning and grading machinery

Our cooperation with Brabender dates back to the early 1970's – a durable partnership built on mutual commitment and shared success in Asian markets. Brabender services customers around the globe with a full spectrum of analytical equipment for raw materials in the food processing and chemicals industries. Development and production are closely interlinked to a "Made in Germany" guarantee of quality. Technical measurements are made possible with innovative, easy-to-use devices, helping our customers to analyse and stabilize their processes. Products include:

  • Laboratory mills for sample preparation
  • Instruments for grain reception tests (e.g. moisture testing)
  • Instruments for flour quality testing
  • Rheological equipment for dough quality testing
  • Starch quality testing instruments
  • Laboratory extruders

Texture analysis at its best.

  • How do you measure the firmness of whipped cream?
  • How do you measure the consistency of a burger?
  • How do you measure bread quality?
  • How do you assess the textures of noodles and rice?

Check out Stable Micro Systems, the pioneer and world market leader in texture analysis and volume measurement from the United Kingdom. Their references in the food industry speak for themselves, whether for bakery, cereals, confectionary, dairy, fruit, meat, pasta and rice snacks, or alternative proteins.  Bespoke solutions are also available for other applications such as pharma or cosmetics.

Related products in our portfolio:
  • Industrial coding, marking and labelling solutions
  • Food inspection technology (X-ray detection)
  • Lidding foil
  • Cleaning and sanitising chemicals
  • Filter sheets
  • Filter aids