Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is a powerful force around the world. It will be facing longer-term shifts related to the emergence of disruptive technologies, new regulations, and increasing concerns about climate change. That is why we are focusing on stable partnerships with top-quality manufacturers, developing adaptive process equipment and components, tomorrow’s technologies for a thriving future.

Ball Valves Technology

Since 1956, Böhmer has accumulated unrivaled expertise in the design and manufacture of high-performance ball valves.

Ball valves have many applications; our particular emphasis is on the oil industry, gas and district heating, power stations, offshore/onshore, transportation and distribution pipelines, compressors and transfer stations. Offering a wide variety of special materials, production processes, approvals and certifications, Böhmer's ball valves are truly exceptional.

Air Filtration Systems

Eagle Filters from Finland produce and develop custom air filtration solutions and air intake handling, especially for combined cycle power plants and other demanding industrial needs. The products combine excellent energy efficiency for enhanced engine performance, strong mechanical durability, and good aerodynamic properties - all in a cost-effective way.

Measurement and Inspection Technology

Gagemaker LP develops and manufactures precision mechanical inspection equipment for oil and gas, automotive, and general machining industries. As a leading provider of tapered- and straight-thread measurement gauges for API products, tubing and casing gauges, engineering and calibration software and equipment, their products are used in countless facilities around the world.

Gauges and Measuring Devices

PMC Lone Star is a leader in the design and manufacture of plug gauges and ring gauges, dimensional metrology equipment, and instruments. Their product line includes unified inch screw thread gauges, cylindrical plain plug gauges, master setting discs, cylindrical plain ring gauges, straight pipe thread gauges, and tapered pipe gauges.

Tank Cleaning Systems

Schäfer HPS designs and manufacturers tank cleaning systems for storage tanks up to 100 meters in diameter. The products are designed for both modular and mobile use, including spray cannon systems for non-entry tank cleaning operations.

From small product tanks to large crude oil storage tanks, different systems provide suitable solutions for practically every cleaning task. They also supply sludge treatment and nitrogen generation systems, heat exchangers, supporting filters/strainers and pumps.

Cable and Corrosion Protection

Since 1925, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. E. Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG has been a producer of corrosion protection materials for pipes, pipelines and flanges, with tapes and sleeves based on butyl rubber materials. Vogelsang offers highly durable and resistant cable protection for the telecommunication sector as well as corrosion protection solutions for the oil and gas industry, in the areas of sealing technology, and 3D printing. Additionally, the rapid expansion of high-speed fibre optic networks requires high-performance cable protection conduits and optimal installation technology.

Gas Containment Solutions

Worthington Industries is a globally diversified group of companies and a leading manufacturer in the field of high-pressure composite cylinders, seamless steel high pressure cylinders and gas street components. Their customers are found in many industries including the automotive sector, transportation, construction, industrial, agriculture, retail and energy.

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