Power Generation

Increasing global energy needs are driving demand for smart, reliable solutions with uninterrupted service and minimal environmental impact. Climate change and digitalization will be two key trends affecting the power generation industry in the coming decade as the world accelerates the replacement of fossil-fuel power generation with renewable energy. We are engaged with leading international manufacturers, and supply the power industry with industrial components and materials for special projects in selected Asian countries.

Ball Valves Technology

Since 1956, Böhmer has accumulated unrivaled expertise in the design and manufacture of high-performance ball valves.

Ball valves have many applications; our particular emphasis is on the oil industry, gas and district heating, power stations, offshore/onshore, transportation and distribution pipelines, compressors and transfer stations. Offering a wide variety of special materials, production processes, approvals and certifications, Böhmer's ball valves are truly exceptional.

Air Filtration Systems

Eagle Filters from Finland produce and develop custom air filtration solutions and air intake handling, especially for combined cycle power plants and other demanding industrial needs. The products combine excellent energy efficiency for enhanced engine performance, strong mechanical durability, and good aerodynamic properties - all in a cost-effective way.

Pump Specialists

Josef Emmerich is one of the leading manufacturers of piston diaphragm pumps for abrasive and corrosive slurries in high-pressure applications. Their primary focus is on the coal industry, where slurries with a high solid material content need to be pumped over long distances. Other major areas of application include municipal waste-water processing and the steel industry.

High-Pressure Steel Valves

Our partner Persta develops, produces and sells high-quality industrial valves made of forged steel, complemented by a wide range of valves made of hot-formed sheet metal and steel.
Operators of nuclear power plants, waste incineration plants, gas and steam combined cycle power plants, biomass and hydroelectric power plants, and many other customers place their trust in safety valves from Persta. From the first hammer blow to final assembly, Persta supplies products from a single source.

Water Valve Expertise

VAG is a true global player and specializes in the production and distribution of water valves for different application areas, including water treatment, water distribution, waste-water engineering, dams / hydropower as well as pressure management in the gas, industrial and power plant sectors.

Special Control Valves

Valves are the connection points for the entire power plant network. They regulate the circuit and control the results. Since their foundation in 1901, Germany-based Welland & Tuxhorn has developed into a leading supplier to the international valve industry. From the development and manufacture to the supply of special control valves and hydraulic drive systems for conventional, nuclear and regenerative power plants as well as industrial plants - Welland & Tuxhorn’s special control valves are used on all five continents.

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