Aluminium & Non-Ferrous Metals

Together with our leading, internationally known partners and our own warehouse facilities in Asia, we are able to supply tailor-made solutions for shipbuilding and transportation applications, for example.

Our product range includes copper-nickel pipes and fittings, welding fillers made from aluminium and/or magnesium, aluminium plates in various forms and configurations, and transition joints for the welding of aluminium to steel/copper, in addition to corrosion protection products and many more products associated with this specialist industry. Our clientele consists of manufacturers who produce in these fields, as well as dealers and subcontractors operating in their supply chains.


We also serve all industries with a demand for aluminium, aluminium processing and non-ferrous metals. Our product portfolio covers all type of materials, including:

Aluminium & Mechanical Wires

Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH & Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of welding fillers made from aluminium and/or magnesium for a variety of applications. Where a strong, high-quality welding joint is needed, Melchers, together with the Elisental company, offers products and expertise.

Warehouses in Shanghai and Hong Kong facilitate the distribution of high-quality solutions throughout Asia.

Mechanical aluminium wires and aluminium bars round off the in-depth expertise which is a feature of every product that leaves Elisental's facilities in Germany.

Transition Joints - Triplate®

Welding aluminium directly to steel or copper is possible using Triplate® transition joints.


A 3-layer-structure allows direct welding of the above-mentioned materials with excellent mechanical and physical characteristics. Preventing cracks and corrosion, this product is used by shipbuilders all over the world. Our Asian customers benefit from our warehouse facilities and short delivery times for this highly specialised product.

Aluminium Foam Sandwiches

Havel metal foam GmbH is a leading manufacturer of aluminium foam sandwiches and 3D parts. Boasting many years' experience and know-how in both science and industry, this German-based company focuses on the "STEAM" market (Shipbuilding, Transportation, Energy, Automotive and Military).

Copper Nickel Pipes & Fittings

Working together with one of the largest stock holders in Europe, Melchers Techexport GmbH can offer practically every shape and quantity of copper nickel pipes and fittings for customers all over Asia. With our comprehensive range, we are well placed to deal with your enquiries and meet your specific requirements.

Aluminium Plates & Sheets

We supply our customers with aluminium plates in various configurations straight from leading internationally renowned mills, as well as from our warehouses in Shanghai and Hong Kong:

  • Standard aluminium plates and sheets
  • Marine plates with international certifications (GL, BV, DNV, ABS)
  • Cast plates with milled and brushed surfaces
  • Tread plates
  • Aluminium coils and sheets for architectural purposes and special applications


These products are manufactured with the expertise of our colleagues and are delivered to customers via our network in Asia.

Aluminium Processing

Pressta Eisele GmbH is a leading supplier of machines for aluminium processing. Its business activities are centred on machinery for cutting, punching and drilling aluminium and other metals.

The industries which it supplies include window and facade manufacturers, furniture makers, and aviation and automotive suppliers.

Extrusion Technology

As a result of steadily increasing product requirements, faster process flows, frequent changes of billet alloys and the current demand for longer tool life, a precision temperature regulation system for containers on extrusion presses is essential in today's industry.


In addition to the development of improved steel qualities and the geometric design of containers, improved heating and cooling are essential tools for modern extrusion technology. Coordination of these service providers is critical for production and quality, since these components influence the useful life of the containers and press tools.


Since 1962, Marx GmbH & Co. KG has been providing optimal solutions for all extrusion technology requirements:

  • Heating systems for containers (1 - 8 zones)
  • High-power cartridges (1 - 3 zones)
  • Quick connectors
  • Multi-point thermocouples
  • Air cooling regulations
  • Pre-assembled ring-connectors

Extrusion Dies for Aluminium Profiles

Since 1972, WEFA has been an innovative partner for the production of extrusion dies used in the automotive and construction industries as well as in electrical engineering:


Versions of Coated Extrusion Dies (CED®):

  • Cartridge dies (interchangeable CVD coated cartridge dies are fitted into die-holder and backer)
  • Solid dies (coated die plate with backer and feeder plate if required) and porthole dies (plate and mandrel is entirely coated)
  • Sandwich dies (one or more coated plate and mandrel inserts fitted into a longlife die holder)