Cosmetics & Daily Care

Melchers Techexport GmbH collaborates closely with leading international manufacturers of lines and machinery for the manufacture of tubes and package decorations for cosmetic and daily care products, including jars, bottles, glasses, cans, closures, etc. Our customers are among the leaders in the industry. With excellent quality, innovative technology and efficient and reliable technical support, we are committed to helping our customers achieve, retain and improve their leading positions as suppliers to their diverse markets.

AISA Automation Industrielle SA

AISA Automation Industrielle SA is a global Swiss-based company and a leading supplier of equipment for innovative laminate and seamless plastic tube packaging production solutions, including:

  • Production machinery and lines for laminate tubes and tube sleeves, in widespread use as packages for food, toothpaste and pharmaceutical and personal care products.
  • Heading machinery for extruded plastic tubes used as packaging for hair care, skin care/body care and household products.


Using numerous leading tube technologies and cutting-edge machinery and lines, Aisa serves mature markets requiring high-speed, integrated and highly automated production facilities in step with the needs of emerging markets, where flexibility and reliability are absolutely essential.


BREYER GmbH is one of the world leading companies for the development and manufacture of sophisticated extrusion systems for the production of mono and multi-layer plastic tubes.


With decades of experience, coupled with numerous innovations and new ideas, Breyer extrusion lines offer excellent, reliable performance on an ever-changing and extremely demanding market and have an outstanding reputation in the extrusion sector.

ISIMAT GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen

ISIMAT GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen excels in designing and manufacturing advanced screen printing machines and hybrid (screen/flexo) printing machines.


Built for industrial production and providing high efficiency and maximum availability, ISIMAT screen printing machines benefit users worldwide in various areas of application, including:

  • Tube decoration
  • Jar decoration
  • Glass bottle decoration
  • Glass drinkware decoration

We also provide:

  • Visual inspection units for print quality control for tubes
  • Tube packing machines
  • Mixers and homogenisers for emulsions, lotions, gels and pastes, dispersions and suspensions