Competences & Services

Technical business in Asia today demands a different skill set than even a decade ago - business environments have become more complex. Strong technical know-how is essential, combined with customized regional approaches, backed up by good service and expert teams.

Trusting collaborations with numerous technology leaders have given us deep industry insights. Our local teams have been thoroughly trained and educated, with more than one third of our workforce being experienced service engineers, ensuring fast response times to our broad regional customer base. We count quality, responsive technical support services as mandatory, an essential driver of customer loyalty, and generator of new business opportunities.

In times of change we are a dependable long-term oriented company, supporting our business partners to successfully participate in regional marketplaces. As a group of companies with over 200 years of international business history, our service competences give customers and business partners a complete, cohesive experience that aligns with their business purposes.

Taking responsibility for your products - Protecting your brand - Growing your business. These are our value-added services to support you:


  • Agent and distributor service for technical businesses
    • Machinery & equipment
    • Industrial materials
  • Implementation & execution of sales and service activities for your products
  • Marketing and public relations activities, online/offline
  • Organization of and participation in trade fairs & conferences
  • Market analysis; feasibility studies
  • Preparation of market information on industry developments, regulatory framework conditions, competitor and technology trends

  • Export & import of technical goods
    • Export documentation and transport
    • Import customs declaration and related documentation
    • Settlement of import customs invoices & taxes
    • Warehousing and logistic services
    • Invoicing in local currency


  • Delegate (expert) hosting in the name of principal
  • Employment in Melchers organization
  • Disciplinary management by Melchers, direct reporting to principal
  • Usual hosting package includes:
    • Workstation in Melchers premises with full access to amenities
    • Local HR & administration
    • Access to Melchers local IT infrastructure
    • Access to Melchers as local registered content provider (e.g. Homepage & LinkedIn)
    • Terms and conditions of the delegate appointment typically defined by separate agreement


  • Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic spare parts for all kind of industries
  • Principal-related business as well as free sourcing based on customer’s specific request
  • Sourcing in Europe and North America from any manufacturer
  • Technical clarification through onsite Service Engineers in 11 countries in Asia
  • Consolidated shipments in our German and American warehouses
  • More than 2000 different manufacturers in the supply portfolio

You benefit from

  • One-stop shop and single communication channel
  • Combined quotations from different manufacturers
  • Contract from a single source
  • Import & export support procedures


  • Installation of machinery and equipment
  • Commissioning and acceptance tests
  • Operating, maintenance and warranty service
  • Repairs and troubleshooting

  • Programming and control updates
  • Plant/Equipment relocations

  • Application support, programming and development
  • Calibration of measurement- and laboratory technology

  • Customer training
  • Customer service hotline
  • Service Centre experiences
  • Customized service concepts


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